Bleacher Builders will…

Supply excellent bids and full proposals

Bleacher Builders is a competitive provider in building and installation of temporary seating for major events.  We start by developing a comprehensive bid and proposal for your event seating requirements.  We believe in accountability and budget management, and we know how to properly estimate cost and maintain good relations.

Consult with you on design to better serve

Bleacher Builders will consult with you on all of your spectator seating needs.  From indoor concerts to outdoor football games, we have seats for your crowd, and we’ll help you select exactly what is needed.  We have many years of experience in planning seating charts for all kinds of events, and you benefit from our knowledge.  Experts in the field, we are prepared to help you from start to finish in providing the seating you need for your guests.

Deliver and install rental seating

We will arrange all of the seating provisions for your event, from rental equipment to delivery and installation.  When you contract with Bleacher Builders for your event seating, you get everything planned, delivered, and installed by our experienced team of experts.  Bleacher Builders meets all industry standards, so you know that you are getting high quality, safe seating.  Whether you need rows of bleachers for a parade, or an entire stadium for a university sports event, you can be certain that Bleacher Builders will deliver and install.  Top of the line temporary bleachers, grandstands, sky boxes and theater seating are our specialty.

Provide excellent customer support

Bleacher Builders is customer oriented, with support to meet your needs from start to finish.  Centered around your organization, your event, your seating needs, we not only build the best bleachers you want, we provide unmatched customer support.  Tell us what you need, and we respond quickly, efficiently, and professionally every time.

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