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Press Boxes and Skyboxes for Stadiums

Skyboxes and Luxury Boxes for VIP Seating, Press Box Seating or Club Seating

Skyboxes can be used to create seating areas for VIP’s, club members, or the press. These enclosed seating areas are placed at the top of the bleacher or grandstands in stadiums. Depending on your preferred use, a skybox can be called a VIP box, luxury box, or press box.

Skybox Seating

Skyboxes are enclosed seating areas for spectators situated above the bleachers in stadiums and other venues. Most raceways include skybox seating options, as do other sports venues. These areas allow for a more complete view of the field or raceway, as well as an overview of the crowd.

Having these elevated and more comfortable seating boxes allows for a VIP view of the entire event. Often called the “press box”, there are several other purposes for which skyboxes can be useful atop of your spectator seating arrangement.

Good skyboxes can increase the revenue of your sports venue in several ways. By improving the sound quality of live commentaries, adding VIP seating availability for increased ticket prices, or offering club rooms for VIP spectators, a skybox will pay for itself and bring profit.

Press Boxes Installed

Press boxes offer convenient and comfortable seating for reporters and broadcasters. Because they improve the quality of sound for announcements, and also offer the best views over the sports venue, press boxes will encourage reporters to give more exposure to your events. You can designate a skybox as a press box, offering an ideal environment for broadcasts and announcements.

Luxury Box or Luxury Suites

Sports venues often decide to have several skyboxes installed on their grandstands in order offer VIP seating options. A skybox, when used for this purpose is called a luxury box or luxury suite. These VIP boxes are high-end seating areas which are often coveted for the privacy and added comfort they offer for spectators.

Corporate groups, club members, or special guests will be glad to invest in the higher priced tickets in order to enjoy watching events from seats in the luxury box. These luxury suites can be installed on existing grandstands, or factored in to your new grandstand seating design. Adding luxury skyboxes will also help improve the overall look of your grandstands and increase the value of your venue.