Bleach Builders


New Bleachers

Discover modern comfort and reliability with our new bleachers. Whether indoors or outdoors, these bleachers offer top-notch quality and comfort. Enhance your seating options and give your audience a better experience!

Used Bleachers

Affordable seating without compromising on quality. Our used bleachers are carefully inspected and refurbished, offering you dependable and budget-friendly options. Join our satisfied customers who’ve improved their venues with our trusted used bleachers.

Permanent Grandstands

Make a lasting impression with our permanent grandstands. Built to last and impress, these structures provide excellent views and comfort for memorable moments. Enhance your venue’s prestige with outstanding seating.

Used Aluminum Planks

Upgrade your seating sustainably with our used aluminum planks. Resistant to rust and built to endure, these planks offer an affordable way to strengthen your bleachers while maintaining quality. Go green and enhance your seating without breaking the bank!

Racetrack Grandstand

For event organizers and enthusiasts, our racetrack grandstands deliver optimal views and comfort. Add excitement to your events with seating that keeps spectators engaged and entertained.