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Best Selection of New Used Bleachers, Grandstands, Sky-boxes and Stages

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Best Selection of New Used Bleachers, Grandstands, Sky-boxes and Stages

For Sale or Rent. Bleacher Builders is your full-service spectator seating specialist. If you need to buy new grandstand bleachers or seating for your venue, we can help from start to completion. We make sure the installation of your bleachers is completed right. It all starts from the first sales consultation and quote for your new bleachers. We handle the delivery and installation of your new bleachers and equipment from start to finish. From Race Tracks to Stadiums, Concert Halls to High School Gyms, we can help you make the right purchase for used or new bleacher seating!

Bleachers for Arenas, Stadiums, Theaters, or Gymnasiums

New aluminum bleachers for sale

Selecting new bleachers for your sports or entertainment venue is easy with Bleacher Builders. There are hundreds of styles of bleachers to choose from, but it does not have to be a difficult choice when you call Bleacher Builders to make your purchase. We consult with you to help you select the best style of bleachers to meet the spectator seating needs at your facility.

From tip and roll aluminum bleachers or a full setup of bleachers for an indoor gymnasium, we have the new bleachers you need now. Need ten thousand bleacher seats installed in an outdoor stadium? Bleacher Builders has the connections you need to get the best price for your purchase. Because we install new bleacher seating, you save time by calling us to purchase new bleachers.

Used bleachers from major stadiums

Bleacher Builders has used bleachers in stock and ready to be installed at your indoor or outdoor facility. Used Bleachers of all kinds are available, from aluminum rows with back rest, to folding seat rows. Your arena, raceway, stadium, or theater can be made to look its best while you also get an amazing deal on used bleacher seats. There is a large variety including metal, aluminum, and high quality dense plastic seats available in all colors.

We buy used bleachers when huge venues upgrade bleacher seating, and we have tons of them in stock right now for you. Used bleachers are always an excellent choice, whether you are constructing a new spectator seating area, or adding additional seats to your existing seating arrangement. Call Bleacher Builders for a quote, consultation, and bid proposal.

Racetrack Grandstand

Grandstand seating arrangements are made up of bleachers that rise several sections high. This allows you to fit more spectators in less ground area, while also giving your spectators a better view of the action. We build grandstands for most any kind of venue.

We consult with you to determine the best grandstand design to seat the number of spectators you need in the area you have available. With design in mind, your grandstands can result in increased attendance while also providing a good view of the action for each spectator. Simplicity, style, and functionality are assured when you purchase grandstands from us.

Temporary Grandstand

If you need a grandstand but do not want a permanent structure, you can rent a temporary grandstand. We have many designs available to meet your needs for temporary spectator seating. Bleacher Builders will go to work for you and set up the best temporary grandstand for your event.

We have temporary grandstands in-stock for parades, touring events, and any crowd seating needs. Our expert consultant will help you determine which grandstand is right for your event. Professional temporary grandstand installation team will set up your grandstand and make sure it passes all safety inspections.

Grandstand with Sky Boxes

If you need to add seating upgrades to your venue, then Bleacher Builders is the right call to make. We have many used press boxes and VIP suites available for installation on grandstands. New VIP seating boxes are available as well, and all it takes is a call to Bleacher Builders.Our engineering specialists will design the plan for installation of VIP seating areas for most any venue.

We deliver to your location and send our specialists to install your new VIP seating areas. If you want your venue to make more money by offering premium seating options, Bleacher Builders is the spectator seating specialist to call. We handle it all, from sales and engineering to a fully installed press box or corporate suite for your VIP guests.

Stage for Traveling Concert

Bleacher Builders offers sales and rentals of stages for all kinds of events. Again, our decades of experience and the fact that we have stages in stock and ready for you will make your job much easier. If you need a temporary stage for an event, call on us to tell us the size stage you need and the location of your event. We also install permanent stages.

If you need a stage designed for an event and you also want to provide spectator seating areas, then Bleacher Builders is the specialist for you. Stages are a specialty product that goes right along with spectator seating. Contact us today so that you can have a reliable national company to install your temporary or permanent theater or concert venue.

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