The Arena

An indoor venue

An arena typically will accommodate a large number of spectators. The word arena is often used interchangeably with stadium, but there are some differences for sure. An arena is a covered indoor sporting area surrounded by spectator seating, usually arrange in a round (circular) or oval shape. Arenas have come to be associated with sports such as basketball and indoor football, which is most often referred to as “arena football”. Concerts, ice-skating, and other forms of entertainment and sports can also be held in arenas. This versatility makes the indoor arena a very versatile venue.

Arena seating rows

No matter what singular or multipurpose use an arena may be, one thing that is certain is it will need plenty of arena seating. Bleachers are sometimes found in arenas, but more often a modern arena will have rows of folding seats. These rows of folding bleacher seats are a kind of bleacher seating that provides maximum comfort while sitting, but still allows for better access to seats by giving more space between rows when the seats are folded up. Since arenas are indoors, you get more options of what kind of material and cushioning you may want to provide for the comfort of your audience or fans. Another of the choices you will need to make when you buy arena seats will be to determine how far apart your tiered rows of seats will need to be. You will also need to determine how much rise each row and section will have. The correct calculation of distance and rise will result in the best use of your seating space, allowing the maximum number of spectators who can comfortably watch from all levels of arena seats.

Options for arena seating

With the many options available, and the technical aspects involved with proper planning and installation, you need the expertise of Bleacher Builders to assure that your arena bleacher seats have the best quality, design, and workability for your arena. You can count on Bleacher Builders to consult with you at all phases of your arena seating installation. Whether you are purchasing for a professional sports arena and want the best quality new bleacher with the highest possible seat count, or you are a small local arena in need of used bleachers to fit your needs and budget, Bleacher Builders can help you create the indoor arena seating plans you want.

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