Installation of Bleachers for Grandstands

Grandstands with bleacher seating are popular for outdoor venues including fairgrounds, outdoor arenas, raceways, and rodeos. Rows of bleacher seats are installed on large, often multi-tiered raised platforms which have a steel understructure. Rows of bleachers for grandstands are installed using bolts and welding, and the rows are designed so that the rise of each row allows for spectators to have full view of the playing field or track.

Permanent, stationary grandstands, usually with an understructure of steel, can be upgraded with new bleachers. For grandstands that are already constructed and in use, installing new or refabricated bleacher seating can improve the look of the venue and the comfort of viewers. If you are looking to increase space for seating, additional grandstand sections can be added.

Types of Bleachers for Grandstands

Grandstand seating differs in comparison to regular bleacher seating. The primary difference is the rise and the size of the seating area. Grandstands can also be covered structures with a roof that protects from sun and rain. Nonetheless, grandstands are fitted with rows of bleacher seating or bleachers chairs.

Aluminum rows of bleachers for grandstands can be installed with or without backrests. Bleacher chairs are another option for grandstands, offering backrests to. Chair-style bleachers for grandstands can be stationary or offer tip-up functionality. Tip-up seat bleachers allow for a higher rise over run, allowing room for walking access to the seats in the mid-row without as much walkway required.

New Versus Re-Furbished Bleachers for Grandstands

Many mid-sized or smaller venues often opt for re-furbished, or re-purposed bleachers for grandstand upgrades. County fair venues, rodeos, and similar sites may have older wood bleachers and want to replace them with aluminum bleachers. Aluminum rows of bleachers for grandstands at smaller venues are available re-purposed from larger venues who have recently upgraded. Because the aluminum is galvanized, replacing bleachers for grandstands from our stock of re-purposed bleachers is often a very cost-effective way to upgrade to a higher quality bleacher while keeping costs down.

Bleachers for grandstands are available new, re-furbished or re-purposed. Bleacher rows or seat-style bleachers for grandstands are also available. These come from large international venues as well, and they are very high quality. When upgrades are done to these enormous venues, we uninstall the old seating and make it available, re-purposed, to small and mid-sized venues.

Consultation and Planning for Installation of Bleachers for Grandstands

Whether you have already decided on what style of bleachers you want for your grandstands, or you would like to see what is available, we will consult with you to assure the best outcome. Taking into consideration your ideal budget, the number of spectators you would like to seat, and the arrangement of you existing seating structures, we will work up a plan to meet your requirements. Bleachers for Grandstands are our specialty and we always keep new and used options in stock and available.

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